Ngāti Kuri Education and Reo Strategies 2014

Through the collaboration between Ngāti Kuri and the Ministry of Education we have developed a Ngāti Kuri centric education strategy and te reo strategy, which will support Ngāti Kuri learners to achieve education success as Ngāti Kuri. It will progress the Ngāti Kuri strategic direction to increase the influence, authority and autonomy in education within Ngāti Kuri.

2014 Education Strategy and Te Reo Strategy Downloads

Reo Strategy

Reo Strategy
Education Strategy

Engagement Report

Re Engagement

Equally it is essential that Ngāti Kuri forge respectful collaborative partnerships with those groups, organisations, institutions and agencies to ensure that all Ngāti Kuri uri realise their greatest educational potential that will unlock the gateways to the world towards endless learning.

Key themes and priorities for education in Ngāti Kuri have been identified in the engagement report. These themes have shaped our foci and informed the development of the Ngāti Kuri Education and Reo Strategies and their implementation plans. It extends and reinforces Te Whakakitenga, (the vision of the Ngāti Kuri Trust Board) through highlighting issues relating to education, tikanga and researching, reconstructing, learning and using Ngāti Kuri mita o te reo. Our whānau, hapu and Ngāti Kuri identity will be strong and recognisable everywhere.